Worried About a Vasectomy? You Shouldn’t Be and Here’s Why  

Certainly, the surgery area affected by a vasectomy is not a location most men want to “go under the knife.” And this makes the job of a vasectomy doctor in New York quite difficult.

That is, most men are reluctant (to say the least) to get a vasectomy, even if the reasons they want this procedure done are sound and responsible.

There’s good news here: if you’re considering seeing a vasectomy doctor in New York for a vasectomy, there’s no need to worry. This procedure is one of the best options for effective and permanent birth control there is, and if permanent birth control is what you’re looking for, these positives far outweigh any negatives.

Still need a little more reassurance? Here’s why you shouldn’t be worried about getting a vasectomy:

  1. It makes accidentally getting pregnant a thing of the past.

Of course, the main reason that men get vasectomies is to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. If this is your aim as well, the procedure is essentially full-proof. After the surgery, you’ll have a less than 1 percent chance of your partner getting pregnant.

  1. Your intimate life will not be affected, and your body will still produce sperm.

After the procedure, there will be no affect on your sexual functioning or intimacy. Vasectomies don’t stop the production of sperm either. They simply keep these little guys from coming out, and that’s no problem for your body. There are rarely complications after this simple surgery.

  1. The procedure itself is simple and quick and generally done right in your doctor’s office.

Generally speaking, only local anesthetic is need for vasectomies. Therefore, the only small amount of pain you’ll be feeling is an initial prick of the anesthesia needle. Other than that, the procedure is usually said to feel like a regular exam, and you can go home when it’s done.

Recovery time is also fairly easy. Most vasectomy doctors in New York recommend going about seven to 10 days with rest, avoiding sexual activity during this time and using an ice pack for a few days in the beginning.

  1. If you change your mind, some procedures can be reversed.

In the event that you decide you may want to be able to have children again, it’s technically possible to reverse a vasectomy. It’s important to know, however, that reversal can be costly, and there is a chance it won’t be successful.

If you haven’t yet booked an appointment with a vasectomy doctor in New York to learn more about the procedure, consider doing so soon. If permanent birth control is what you’re looking for, this is a procedure that men are often 100% satisfied with getting — often saying that they should have gotten it sooner.