Why Barn Doors Are Becoming Popular and How to Choose One

Barn doors are no longer for the horses only. Flat track barn door designs are replacing the traditional doors that used hinges. It is because most doors today are large and heavy. The hinges cannot handle the weight. Therefore, they warp, bend, and break easily.

Different uses of barn doors

Only the designer’s creativity, experience, and exposure limit the application of these doors. The traditional use is in doorways. The doors can slide open and close. Since they are usually heavy, it is easy to know when an intruder is trying to get into the house.

The other use for these beautiful doors is at the windows and other small-scale application. It is usually done to create an exquisite taste to the room. In some places, the doors are used to create a movable shelf, especially in showrooms and entertainment centers.

Why choose barn doors

The popularity of these unique doors is undoubtedly due to their mass that ensures high security in the house. It also meets the needs of different classes. One person may prefer the rustic, simple design while another would go for the high-end stainless steel barn door option. Simply put, there is an option for everyone.

Other benefits of all the doors irrespective of the size are that they are durable, sturdy, and stylish. They add elegance to the home. The décor also complements other materials commonly used in the home such as wood, glass, and others.

Factors to consider when choosing a barn door

Choosing barn door is easier said or read about than done. The problem is compounded by the necessity of a second or third opinion, especially for married couples. However, there are three factors to consider when hunting for a barn door.

  • The preferred style

Just because it looks fine in another person’s home does not mean it is suitable for another person’s taste of fashion. The doors come in different styles and configurations, which include round, flat and tube track doors. A flat track barn door and round track options are the most common in the market.

  • Type of the rail system

There is no guarantee that the type of the rail system affects the efficiency f the barn door. However, the rollers always come in different shapes, colors and design,

  • Budget

It is probably the most important factor to consider when planning shopping for a barn door. It is important to budget with range instead of a fixed value. It does not imply giving room for impulsive buying. On contrary, it curbs it while allowing for the flexibility needed when buying quality hardware. The budget should also factor in the cost of a contractor, unless one is a professional at DIY.