Possibilities of Betting in Dogecoin

Practically, the currency Dogecoin (Ð or D) initiated from a joke. No one ever expected that it would attain such a huge popularity in the gambling industry. With its increasing popularity and inherent characteristics, the virtual currency has won the heart of most of the gamblers worldwide and gaining huge importance. With more and more casinos introducing this currency, people have also started accepting it widely as a preferred currency to buy the virtual chips.


The characteristics of the currency have played a big role in its development. It is tagged as the lightest coins that exist in the gambling market from every aspect. Its 58 block per hour mining rate along with an extremely low transactions fee makes it an ideal choice amongst the gamblers. Unlike Litecoin and Bitcoin it does not have any maximum coin supply. This feature makes it a great operating currency in any Dogecoin casino.

Dogecoin in sports betting

Can Dogecoin be used for sports betting? This is a common query that you will generally come across. The answer to this is yes. With mBitcasino this is possible. It is the first ever trustworthy casino that has introduced Doge betting to the world of sports betting. With the help of mBitcasino now you can bet on a variety of sports from their brilliant selection. Previously, most of the casinos used to accept only Bitcoin for gambling, but now the scenario has changed. With mBitcasino, you can now bet on the biggest sports like handball, eSports, MMA and a lot more exotic sports from any corner of the world. In the US and Asia, you would find baseball doing well whereas in Europe handball and ice hockey are popular. NBA and NFL are popular almost in any part of the world.

Best Dogecoin games

There are plenty of simulation-style games available on the web casinos. Here, you can place your bets and a random number initiator comes up with a result. In any of the popular Dogecoin casino you can play several interesting games like Paris Nights, Super Gold, Booming Bananas, Crazy Nuts, Crystal Land, Vegas Wins, Lucky for You, Gold Rush and a lot more. As a player you normally get to choose from different slot games too which you can engage into. Apart from these games you also get to play Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and Keno. Nowadays even if you play online the exclusive graphics and presentations give you the feel of live casinos and nothing less than that. Since the experience is all the same so people today prefer to play online as it is a lot more convenient as you can play from anywhere, anytime.

Its reputation

The popularity of Dogecoin makes it a persistent cryptocurrency amongst the top 50 along with a well-established reputation. The community that works behind Dogecoin is also quite strong, that generates demand for several services that Dogecoin dominates. With a tightly knit community of supporters, it indicates that the casino accepting Dogecoin has increased in jackpot potential. This works great for not only individuals but brands too.