In Mumbai for the weekend? Here are some recommendations!

Amongst all the places in India, Mumbai is perhaps the most unique given its proximity to the sea, the high scale development that is rampant here, while at the same time retaining the old school and retro ambience in elect places which ensures that the soul of Mumbai is retained.

Though a lot of people say that Mumbai never rests, there is a corollary. Mumbai doesn’t rest, but it definitely relaxes over the weekend. And this atmosphere is great for those who stay in Mumbai or travel to Mumbai over the weekend.

Being the center of showbiz and business houses, Mumbai sure has come up with a lot of ways for you to spend the weekend in a manner that ensures that you have fun and yet get to enjoy the intrinsic beauty and culture of Mumbai

Here are some recommendations of things to do in Mumbai if you are in Mumbai for the weekend.

  1. Elephanta Caves:

Indulge in the breath-taking architecture of the past and marvel at the skill and handiwork of hundreds of thousands of artisans who made innumerable sacrifices and survived in harsh conditions to create this marvel known as ElephantaCaves.

Situates at a distance of 10 kilometersfrom the Gateway of India, the Elephants caves are the oldestrock cut structures in our country. Originally built as an ode to Lord Shiva, it housed several innumerable sculptures which have since been destroyed or gone missing.

You can reach Elephanta caves via ferry from the Gateway of India. It takes an hour to reach and is one of the best ways to spend a day with your friends or family.

  1. Film City:

Given the fact that you are in the city which gave birth to Bollywood, it is absolutely necessary that you visit the Film City that is the holy grail of this industry. It is located near Sanjay Gandhi National Park and spread out over an area of 520 acres.

It is said to be so huge that one can easily fit in upto 1000 sets at one time at this location.

It is full of sets for shooting and one can see fake cities, lakes, gardens, cottages, mountains,and whatnot. If you are observant, you might even be able to make out locations from famous movies and come across your favorite start while they are shooting for their next film, if you are lucky!

  1. Tryst- The Nightclub:

No visit to Mumbai is complete without visiting a nightclub. Especially on a weekend. With a huge crowd that simply loves being artsy, an evening filled with music and dance seems to be the perfect way for them to unwind. Added to that, Mumbai, due to its connection with Bollywood, seems to attract the best talent musically, gastronomically as well as behind the bar.

Tryst is one such nightclub which has enthralled the Mumbai crowd like none other. With aneye-popping design which includes over a million LED lights, this is truly a treat for the senses. And if you have got deep pockets, then get prepared for possibly the most exclusive nightclub experiences of your life with exclusive tables, staff,and VVIP treatment for a certain minimum bill.

Located in the Phoenix Mill Compound in Lower Parel West, make sure you visit this place just to experience visual nirvana.

  1. Bandstand Promenade:

The Bandstand promenade is what you would expect Mumbai to look like if you were brought up on the charm of Bollywood cinema. Located extremely close to the poshest areas of the city, it is a place where several celebrities can be seen wandering around.

What makes this place even more charming is the 2 km long stretch that features six statues of prominent Bollywood stars apart from brass plaques embossed with the handprints of famous stars, similar to the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

If you are a true- blue Bollywood fan, then this place is the first place to go to on your list.

Even if you aren’t that flattered by the glitz and glamour of the silver screen, the sight of the gorgeous ocean while walking across this impeccably maintained piece of paradise is reason enough to make it out here.

Being a place for cultural events to take place, you can easily find dance troupes, musical events, plays and several other artists thronging the amphitheater present there, and it might be the cultural dose of Mumbai you were looking for.

If that’s not good enough for you, you can loiter about on the huge rocks which do the landscape and head towards Lands end to marvel at the historic Bandra Fort and bask in its historical glaze.

If you are in Mumbai for the weekend, there is no dearth of places to go to. You can always choose from what experience you want to have since Mumbai offers something to everyone!