Enhancing safety with high visibility shirts

Under certain weather conditions and working environments, each worker wants to feel secure and safe from any unexpected hazards. High visibility shirts are required if you are working when there is low light and poor visibility, primarily when working in areas with moving vehicles. This includes workers in airports, railway stations and highways, construction sites and many other places where workers are close to moving machines, dark areas or extreme weather conditions, e.g., snow, fog, and humidity, that obscures sight.
Often these shirts are worn to notify drivers and operators of other machines of the presence of a worker in situations where the worker’s body could be obscured. This helps the drivers and other workers to see you sooner.
High visibility shirts are made in different materials to work under different conditions.
Fluorescent material
This takes ultraviolet light from the sun and sends it back to the viewer through some special pigments. It only functions under the presence of natural sunlight. These materials appear brighter than the non-colored material under low natural light(e.g., cloud cover, dawn, fog, etc.). This enhances daytime visibility not found in other colors.
Reflective material
This material makes light to bounce off its surface for visibility.

Retroreflective materials
This material reflects light in the direction of its source. The retroreflective material of a person standing along the incident path of the light is reflected thus the driver can see the person sooner and more readily. These materials are most effective in the presence of low-level light.
Things to look for in high visibility shirts
•    Under daylight conditions, bright colors are more visible than dull colors.
•    Under low light conditions, greater retro-reflectivity is required to provide more excellent visibility.
•    Fluorescent colors are more efficient under low light as compared to other materials.

Clothing should be fit to the person for safety and best performance. They should also be comfortable to wear and permitting movement of air around your body to keep it cool.
Consider large and bright clothing covering all the body around for more visibility in all directions.

Who should wear high visibility shirts
•    Workers in warehouse operations
•    Workers in receiving or shipping services
•    People working under inclement weather conditions
•    People working near moving vehicles
•    Roadway construction workers
•    Railway and highway workers
•    Survey crews and forest workers
•    Emergency response personnel
•    Accident site investigators.

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