All You Must Know About Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

If the soil condition or any other things are not good then the concrete surface has got chance to sink in. This can not only damage the total structure but also it can hamper the aesthetic of the commercial space. There are two different techniques used for concrete leveling. One of them is polyurethane foam concrete lifting and the other is mud jacking. In this write up we shall discuss about the first one.

What is this concrete lifting technique?

This foam concrete lifting is done by using polyurethane, which is much better way to level uneven concrete surface and also slabs. In order to do the process one or more than holes need to be drilled on the surface of the concrete. After that polyurethane foam materials are inserted or injected underneath. After the foam properly settled in, then it gets expanded and levels the surface as we need. 

What are the benefits of this technique?

This technique is much better option as compared to mud jacking technique. There are two reasons for that

  • Polyurethane is much lighter material and hence it is much easier to handle and also being a lighter material it does not need any great pressure on the ground underneath. Therefore stability of soil is not a matter of concern at all.
  • In such type of concrete lifting there is no downtime. You can quickly complete the work and the area can be made use of thereafter. For any other commercial concrete lifting, downtime is a very serious concern.

Few other things to note

  • It must be remembered that such polyurethane material is not a waterproof material and therefore in case if you are considering such kind of option then you need to discuss with your contractor.
  • The cost of polyurethane foam is little high and therefore if you choose this option then you need to have higher budget. In case you are considering for waterproof material then the cost may rise up further too.

What to look in contractor

It is necessary to hire suitable contractor concrete lifting and therefore consider the following:

  • Make sure that the contractor has got the experience of handling this type of material. He should not take training at the expense of you.
  • Try to get few references and addresses of his old clients and take their feedback about the contractor.
  • Ask him to give his estimation and make sure that there is no other hidden cost involved.

Follow these tips and install the right lifting to your building.